NYC’s Best: Farmer’s Markets!

Posted by admin | On: Mar 25 2013

Hi there! It’s a rather rainy day here in NYC, but I’m pumped about all the new fresh produce that’s starting to pour into the farmer’s markets that dapple the city. Shopping at these markets is a great way to support local farmers and get the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest food available. It helps me to design meals for weight maintenance, as well as sample new and interesting products that range from duck eggs to to vegan cookies to New York state wines. What a fantastic resource!



Above is a photo of the Union Square Market, which takes place all year round on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8am to 6pm. It is a massive market that attracts 60,000 shoppers for an amazing variety of local home-made goods, flowers, and produce. From my experience, afternoons can get very crowded, so perusing in the morning is a better option. Bartering here is mostly acceptable, especially if you are buying in bulk. Many local artists also set up shop on the perimeters, so if you are looking for unique decor for your home, check out their offerings. For more info:


Further north in the city, there is a burgeoning farmer’s market on the south side of Morningside Park from late May until December. If you live on the Upper West Side, take a walk along 110th street and you will see stands and friendly vendors from 9:30am to 5pm every Saturday. I’ve found some perfectly plump snap peas and blueberries there, as well as grass-fed turkey and chicken meat. A great little stroll before (or after) hitting up a brunch spot on the UWS. Check out their site late May for more details:



I recently discovered a farmers market in Jackson Heights that is diverse and plentiful, without the large crowds of Union Square Market. This location gives you a chance to really talk with the vendors in depth about their products. Because of the neighborhood’s high population of Indians and Colombians, this market has some delicious cultural cuisine, too. Visit the website for information on events, vendors, and directions.


The map below is from the site¬†, which gives more information and locations for farmers markets in the NYC area. You will be able to find one not far from your New York apartment in no time, so take advantage of New York’s bounty and get out there!



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