NYC’s Bike Share to be Implemented in May

Posted by admin | On: Mar 30 2013

Happy Easter weekend, everyone! New York is finally earning some beautiful spring weather this weekend, with the sun pouring down and temperatures in the balmy 50′s. Hey, it’s not exactly like last year, with 70-degree spring days, but it’s nice to get a taste of real spring, right?

Just as New Yorkers are coming outdoors en mass to enjoy spring, the New York City Bike Share will begin its first phase of implementation this May. Originally set to start summer of 2012, the project has been delayed twice; the second time because of damage done to bikes by Hurricane Sandy. Now the program is ready to open in May, and I can’t wait to see these Citi Bikes all over the city.

As the inhabitant of New York rentals for several years now, I’ve heard countless stories from friends and acquaintances about bike theft and bike vandalism. Bike seats, wheels, frames, baskets, and other accessories have been unscrewed or ripped off constantly. One friend kept her bike locked in her own private back yard, and someone jumped the fence, broke her lock, and rides it around her neighborhood now in plain view! Thieves and vandals have left bike owners the necessity to guard their bikes with more than one lock, and most of my friends carry their bike seats and at least one wheel with them when they leave their bike in a bike stand. Bike thefts cost New Yorkers thousands and thousands of dollars each year. This new program will offer an option for those in the city who don’t have space for a bike (listen in, Manhattanites!) or do not want to deal with their property getting stolen.

Below shows a map of the first 300 or so Citi Bike kiosk locations to open May, as well as projected future kiosks to be built throughout the rest of the year. Is there one near your NY apartment?




Here’s the cost breakdown for Citi Bike renters:

  • Annual Membership: $95 (first 45 minutes of every trip at no additional charge)
  • 7-Day pass: $25 (first 30 minutes of every trip at no additional charge)
  • 24-Hour pass: $9.95 (first 30 minutes of every trip at no additional charge)

In the first few weeks of the program, day passes will be offered at $5 each as a trial of the system. Each kiosk will have bikes that you will be able to unlock using a key, which will be given to you once you’ve paid via credit card at the kiosk. Once you’ve unlocked the bike, you’re ready to go! You can take any route you like through the city to get to your destination, as long as you stay within your time limit. It’s a great way to promote urbanites to get outdoors and get into shape. And…A massive amount of citizens will now have the choice to bike to work every day from their NYC apartments. How great is that?



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